Calcium Waste

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"indifference, n.: The sameness of reaction that greets everything I say to you on the days you’ve checked out."

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I don’t know how some girls are 100% straight like have you seen girls

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rerecorded a super old song called “we’ll go to the garden & laugh & pick daisies”

the past couple years have turned me to a skeptic

i gave you my love we broke up but you kept it

so i ate molly pills & became anorexic

now i’m doin well where the hell is my necklace?

now lookin’ back it doesn’t make me so angry

i guess it just sucks bein’ stuck on the same street

i read jack & jill & sat still cuz i’m lazy

the sun it would shine in my mind it was rainy 

in troubled times like these i’m pretty glad i’m not a lady

when the clinics send you pictures of all yr dead babies 

keep em outta sight it’s all right it’s all gravy 

we’ll go to the garden & laugh & pick daisies

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And it sucks knowing your here and had no intentions of seeing me.

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San Diego♡

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